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It's Pays to Obey: OBEY GOD!

I AM A MIRACLE! A living testimony! 🙌🏼

I am the evidence that God is real and the blood of Jesus still works!

30 Car Crash Pile Up Collision ....

Listen, on June 4, 2023 God told me to FAST with no food! It had been 2 days of no food and now I know why!!!! God is a keeper!

In the middle of all of this God said, "Don't panic, PRAY!"

When God Says Do Something DO IT!

God is a keeper! Yesterday my life could’ve been gone. While everyone was screaming, crying, making calls..

I was calling JESUSSSSS in the middle of I-795. My language changed and people were looking and screaming! I called on JEEEEESSSSSUS!!!

A new friend asked if she could hug me! The power of God was there at the scene and NOBODY died! Every person and animal involved in the crash SURVIVED! A 30 car pile collision and I’m typing the next day! I’m walking the next day! I’m talking the next day! Amazing right? It's a MIRACLE.

Tell the devil, SATAN! YOU LOST AGAIN! Twice!!! 🔥⚔️🤺🦅

God kept my husband and I! Yes, we we've got cuts, scrapes, and bruises but WE ARE ALIVE!


There will always be someone who wont understand what GOD says do. Remember, you don't need validation or the approval of anyone else when GOD speaks. Your obedience just may save your life and others!

I challenge you to trust the instructions of the Lord and just OBEY GOD.

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