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“I Release You: Uncovered” can be found on Amazon! In this book Samantha shares her personal story and experience of overcoming rejection right in the church. Her situation changed her season! 


Although it didn’t feel good at that time rejection was indeed protection and now it all makes sense!


ICU: I See You is a captivating spiritual journey that unveils the extraordinary gift of perceiving divine messages. In this illuminating book, acclaimed author Samantha S Jones delves into the realms of faith, and the profound ability to hear, feel, and see what God is communicating.


There is an intense importance of being able to see, feel, discern, and hear what God is saying. 



Through heartfelt anecdotes and thought-provoking insights, the author shares stories of individuals blessed with a unique sensitivity to the whispers of the Lord. This book unveils a tapestry of spiritual encounters, revealing how these extraordinary experiences have transformed and enriched the lives 

of the chosen few.


Drawing upon sacred texts, personal experiences, and the wisdom of God, "ICU: I See You" provides guidance on nurturing and embracing this profound connection. Readers will learn to cultivate a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus, honing their ability to decipher the messages meant solely for them.


This book is a testament to the profound power of faith and the incredible journey of opening our hearts and souls to the divine presence of God. "ICU: I See You" invites readers to embark on a path of spiritual discovery with Jesus, encouraging them to recognize and embrace the extraordinary ways in which God communicates with each of us.

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One of my passions is to write bestselling books that help others find peace and purpose!" 

Samantha fell in love with books and writing at a young age and never recovered. As the 3X published author of, “I Release You: Uncovered”, children's book “Mommy & Me”, and "ICU:I See You". She is the first published author in her immediate family!



Samantha was raised by a single mom!


Mommy & Me is a story about single moms from various ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds' who courageously raise their children in spite of the many challenges one may face and demonstrate the wholeness of single parenting styles. Wherefore, being raised by a single mother; makes me appreciate and applaud the single moms all around the world. Your child is destined for greatness and will be phenomenal because of you.

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